Convert Addresses to Coordinates (Geocoding)

Does your business hold Australian customer addresses? Do these need to be cleaned and validated using an authoritative data source? Are the latitude-longitude coordinates for visualisation or spatial analysis?

To help, you can leverage our fourteen years' geocoding experience through our sophisticated, G-NAF based Geocoder.  Our Geocoding capability can be accessed via any of:

  1. A cloud-deployed web service, to enable your systems to talk directly with ours via an API

  2. A cloud-deployed batch file service, where your users upload Excel or Text files and request to have these geocoded as a background process.  When completed, your users receive an email with a link to enable them to download the geocoded result files

  3. A bureau service, geared towards efficient geocoding of millions of records.  We geocode these large files for you on our production machines

Key features:

  • Callpoint's Geocoder operates using G-NAF, being the authoritative Australian geocoded address dataset compiled and updated by PSMA Australia

  • Our Geocoder includes extensive address parsing and resolution capabilities. It is designed to handle both free format as well as partially structured addresses

  • Amongst the wide set of returrned G-NAF fields, our Geocoder includes the Address Detail PID (otherwise knows as the the G-NAF PID - Persistent Identifier).  This PID is important to sectors such as broadband telecommunications/ nbn co Retail Service Providers, Government, insurance, financial services, research and other

  • Callpoint's Geocoder delivers a comprehensive, informative set of structured result codes.  This represents a point of difference to the minimialist single digit numeric only approach offered by some alternatives

  • To help with geodemographic analysis, we also return ABS data such as the associated Mesh Block, SA1, SA2, SA3, SA4 and Remoteness Index

  • Also available are the 28 SEIFA columns associated with the geocoded address

  • Callpoint's processed edition of PSMA Transport & Topography data is also used.  This enables street intersections such as "cnr King & George Sydney" to be validated, and the coordinates of the intersecting street polylines to be returned

  • Our cloud Geocoder makes use of https for end-to-end data encryption

Our cloud-deployed Geocoder is located at

Based on the expertise we've developed in the telco space, customers from a range of industries seek us out for our geocoding services.

Please contact us for further details of our Address Validation, Address Resolution and Geocoding services.

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