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Callpoint AQ Pro®

Callpoint AQ Pro is a presales, sales and marketing platform for use by B2B broadband telcos and nbn RSPs.

AQ Pro’s capabilities derive from Callpoint Spatial’s over 20 years geospatial expertise, in-depth knowledge of broadband relevant third party data, numerous professional services assignments, client feedback and decades of telecoms industry experience.

Why use AQ Pro?

For NBN resellers:

Take advantage of NBN marketing iniatives

Familiar with the lists that have millions of LocIDs?

Does your ideal customer have say between 20-100 employees?

No problem.  Submit your request, and AQ Pro generates details of the matching businesses

Reach out to businesses that have become newly NBN connectable

The rollout has moved to maintenance.  So, there are opportunities in those new premises.

To capitalise, AQ Pro sends you the details of the businesses that have become newly NBN connectable, each week

Generate custom business lists

Create campaigns based on a range of NBN connectivity and other criteria.

The result: high quality firmographic enriched business data lists. Specific to your campaign

Support customers on legacy infrastructure

AQ Pro’s sophisticated Hybrid Geocoder tags your existing customer addresses with NBN details.

This helps your quest to retain your customers as their premises become NBN connectable

For Fibre telcos:

Maximise your ROI

Fibre rollouts require signficant capex.

To help, AQ Pro can support your marketing efforts.


Readily create lists of the businesses that are within your existing lit buildings

Do you regularly expand your fibre lit footprint?

AQ Pro sends you the details of businesses whose building became newly fibre lit the previous week

Who recently moved in (to any of our lit buildings)?

Each month, as the business data refreshes, AQ Pro generates a list of the businesses that were not there the previous month

Explore cost-effective network extensions

AQ Pro’s Near-Net and Radial Business search features enables your team to identify businesses that are in close proximity to your existing lit buildings or fibre pits

Field proven

Our first licensee was Request DSL in 2002, one of Australia’s first DSL carriers.


Since then, AQ Pro has been utilised by 16 Australian telcos, both by established players as well as fast-moving newer providers.  In current use by prominent Australian telcos, it has in the past been used by entities such as:

  • Amcom

  • Clever Communications

  • Internode

  • m2 Telecommunications

  • Netspace

  • SOUL Converged Communications

  • Uecomm

AQ Pro has considerably evolved to cater for a variety of pre-sales, sales, marketing, product management and network planning functions for Australia’s telcos.

AQ Pro is deployed using Australian Data Centres that are certified to ISO27001.

The application is located at:

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