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Callpoint AQ Pro®

Callpoint AQ Pro was a presales, sales and marketing platform utilised by key Australian B2B broadband telcos and nbn RSPs.

AQ Pro’s capabilities derived from Callpoint Spatial’s more than 20 years' geospatial expertise, in-depth knowledge of broadband relevant third party data, numerous professional services assignments, client feedback as well as decades of telecoms industry experience.

First licensed in 2002, the platform was switched off on 1 December 2023.  Our longest serving customer used AQ Pro continually for some 17 years.

Why did Fibre carriers use AQ Pro?

To accurately respond to pre-qualification API requests, irrespective of whether the input was a (mis-spelt) address/ coordinate, and whether the underlying fibre asset was defined as address, coordinate or polygon

To identify new tenants in existing lit buildings

To better understand their lit buildings (customers as well as overall market), as regards industry, annual revenue, employee size etc

To readily profile potential new lit buildings

Why did NBN resellers use AQ Pro?

To take advantage of NBN marketing iniatives

To reach out to businesses that  became newly NBN connectable

To generate  business lists aligned with sales initatives

Field proven

Our first licensee was Request DSL in April 2002, one of Australia’s first DSL carriers.


AQ Pro was utilised by 18 key Australian telcos including:

  • AAPT

  • Amcom

  • Clever Communications

  • Exetel

  • HarbourSat

  • Internode

  • m2 Telecommunications

  • Macquarie Telecoms

  • More Telecom

  • Netspace

  • Nextgen Networks

  • Request DSL

  • SOUL Converged Communications

  • TPG


  • Uecomm

Callpoint Spatial actively evolved AQ Pro to cater for a variety of pre-sales, sales, marketing, product management and network planning functions for Australia’s telcos.

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