Australia Post PAF


Callpoint Spatial is an authorised Australia Post PAF data reseller. 
We license for customer’s internal business use:

The PAF (Postal Address File)

Includes the important DPID (Delivery Point Identifier) for each address.

The PAF comprises some 15 million records in total. Of these, some 2 million records represent PO Boxes.

The companion Permission & Delivery file

Two important columns in the P&D are the Residential and non-Residential indicators.

Nearly 13.6 million records have a Residential address indicator, and some 1.4 million have a non-Residential address indicator.

Can we obtain a Residential and Non-Residential PAF flag linked to G-NAF?

This is a question asked by a number of customers. To help, Callpoint Spatial can license you a dataset that combines:

(1) The DPID (Delivery Point Identifier) and all the address fields, from the PAF

(2) Residential and Non-Residential indicators, from the companion PAF Permission & Delivery

(3) The Address Detail PID, from G-NAF

Refer sample extract below

PAF w RESi,NonRESi, GNAF example1.png

Note: to facilitate ready comparison, the addresses above correspond to those in our Enriched GNAF example.

While the Residential indicator above corresponds to that for GNAF in the examples, this is not always a given.

Further, it's not always the case that where one of Residential and Non-Residential equates to "Y", that the other is a "N".

The examples below illustrate the case where both fields are set to "Y" (these could be SOHO). 
Aside from the G-NAF Address_Detail_PID, all other fields are from the PAF.

PAF wGNAFPID where both RESi,NonRESi are 'Y' example1.png

To better understand the relationship between G-NAF and the PAF Residential/ Non-Residential indicators, please refer the example map below.

Colour-coded map using PAF Non-Residential, PAF Residential and G-NAF


Blue (top layer) - PAF Non-Residential indicator

Yellow (middle layer) - PAF Residential indicator

Black (lower layer) - G-NAF premises that have not been assigned a PAF indicator

Light grey lines - Street line layer sourced from Geoscape Roads

Dark grey outline: QLD locality boundaries sourced from Geoscape Administrative Boundaries

Underwood QLD 4119 (south east of Brisbane CBD)

PAF update options

We can supply on a once-off, quarterly or monthly basis as set by Australia’s Post update schedule.

Australia Post’s standard license terms apply.