Cross Street Distance Dataset

Callpoint Spatial’s Cross Street Distances dataset provides details of the nearest cross-streets for each geocoded G-NAF address record.

Table columns include the names of the nearest cross-streets and “along street centreline” distance to the nearest cross-streets.

The dataset is generated by Callpoint Spatial’s production system using Transport & Topography® and G-NAF.

The Cross-Street Distances dataset finds application in the infrastructure, telecoms and logistics sectors.

The data model is shown below.

Cross Street Distance Example

Please refer below.

Above: results table for a section of Arthur Street, Forrest ACT.  For each G-NAF address, the ‘Nearest Cross Street’ column indicates the name of the nearest street intersection, and the Distance column indicates the ‘along street centreline’ distance (in metres) to that cross street.

Above: section of Arthur Circle, Forrest ACT between Furneaux Street and Tasmania Circle to facilitate understanding of the table above. The street polylines are sourced from PSMA’s Transport & Topography dataset