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Geoscape Solar


3.86 million polygons (September 2022)

Geoscape Solar captures polygon and attribute data about Australia's Solar PV uptake.
This initiative is based on aerial and satellite imagery.
Solar can be licensed nationally, by jurisdiction or as custom extracts.

Geoscape Solar includes:

  • Solar panel polygons provides attributes such as:

    • Capture source and resolution

    • Capture date

    • Panel area (square metres)

    • Estimated daily generated energy (kWh/day)

    • Technology type (monocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film)

  • The Solar Address table includes:

    • Address Detail PID (The PID of the associated address record in Geoscape GNAF)

    • Formatted address

    • Is Residential flag

  • The Solar Building table includes:

    • Building PID (The PID of the associated building record in Geoscape Buildings)

    • Building area

    • Roof shape and roof slope​

    • Planning zone

Application Ideas

The resources on this page suggest potential applications across visualisation, analysis and marketing.
For further details including licensing please contact us.


Geoscape Solar's polygons can be readily viewed within different GIS systems to gain a ready perspective of the extent of Solar PV adoption in a given area.

Geoscape Solar example.png

Above: Geoscape Solar (red) overlaid on Geoscape Buildings (blue)
Light grey: Geoscape Cadastre
Black: Geoscape Roads

Solar PV analysis & modelling

The attribution table associated with Solar polygons can support applications across a range of analysis exercises.


Note: the data is created using in-depth algorithms.  As Solar is relatively new, there are time lags between capture and data release.

Solar PV attribute example.png

Above: Geoscape Solar attribution table example

The Solar Building table additionally includes Roof Shape and Roof Slope attributes not contained in the other Solar tables.  These attributes can further support your analysis and modelling applications.

Solar Building example1.png

Above: Geoscape Solar Building table example

Solar PV marketing

The Solar Address table includes addresses of known Solar PV sites.  With consideration to factors such as capture date, this resource could be used:

  • where solar_flag = No, to help identify potential new solar PV opportunities

  • where solar_flag = Yes, to engage as regards possible additional products/ services

Solar addresses with Solar Flag set to No example.png

Above: Geoscape Solar Address table example

Why choose Callpoint Spatial for Geoscape Solar?

Our customisation options

Solar is shipped with attributes from three distinct tables.  Some applications may require custom combinations of those tables. Or  attributes from separate external datastsets.  We have the experience and expertise to assist

Our advisory capacity

Established from over 18 years of licensing spatial data

One stop: we license the full Geoscape datasuite

Meet your complete Geoscape dataset needs by sourcing from us

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