Spatial Data

Callpoint Spatial resells Geoscape’s authoritative Australian spatial datasets to a range of organisations.

We license:

  • Raw Geoscape data

  • Callpoint Spatial value-added datasets that provide enhanced attribution and cross-link between different Geoscape datasets

  • Customised editions to meet specific requirements

Significant experience in licensing Geoscape data

  • For internal business use

  • Embedded within your product or service (Secondary Reseller)

File formats include:

  • Shapefile / File Geodatabase

  • TAB

  • MySQL Server database backup

  • Microsoft SQL Server backup

The Geoscape spatial datasets we license include:

Value-added and customised datasets

Many customers license our value-added dataset editions.  Examples include additional attribution into Geoscape Buildings, Cadastre/ Property, G-NAF or Roads.

Other customers have very specific needs.  Here, we engage further in order to create fully custom datasets.  Examples include attribution from other Geoscape datasets, or even attribution from third party datasets such as Australia Post.

Derived datasets

In addition to adding value to raw Geoscape data, Callpoint Spatial also generates derived data to meet specialised needs. One example is our Street Intersections dataset.

Historical datasets

While most requests are for current data, we can facilitate provision of past Geoscape datasets subject to availability.

Examples include historic G-NAF, CadLite and Transport & Topography data around the time of the ABS Census of 2006, 2011 or 2016.

For further details including licensing please contact us.