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Spatial data and services for University and Health industries

Assisting customers in the University and Health research industries since 2009

The following are examples of problems faced by our customers in the University and Health industries, and the solutions Callpoint Spatial can offer.

Your needs

How we can help

We need a high quality local geocoding service that returns a range of ABS based attribution.

Callpoint Spatial offers our sophisticated Geocoder that returns numerous SEIFA and other columns to help the research sector.

For security, we exclusively use Australian data centres and https end-end encryption.

Our geocoder provides Batch (Excel/ text) for easy team use, and an API where further automation is needed.

We seek authoritative street vector data to assist with our research into service accessibility.

Callpoint Spatial can license Geoscape's Roads dataset.

Is there a proxy for traffic volume data that is available nationwide?

We offer Geoscape's Roads dataset, which includes the useful Hierarchy attribute.


Whilst very different to traffic volume data, there can be use cases where knowing whether road is a national highway, arterial road, local road etc can serve as a useful proxy.

We are seeking residential building polygons and tree cover to help with our health research projects.

We offer the Geoscape Buildings and Surface Cover & Trees dataset

High quality building polygons are available, together with extensively categorised vegetation raster data.

Usefully, the building polygons are linked to G-NAF to facilitate a range of analysis projects.

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