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Spatial data and services for the Resources and Infrastructure sectors

Assisting customers in these sectors since 2011

The following are examples of problems faced by our customers in the resources & infrastructure sectors, and the solutions Callpoint Spatial can offer.

Your needs

How we can help

We seek cartographic quality authoritative transport data.

Callpoint Spatial licenses Geoscape's Roads dataset

We need high quality land parcel data.

Callpoint Spatial offers Geoscape Cadastre as well as our value-added editions (Callpoint Cadastre Extra and Callpoint Augmented Cadastre).  We also offer Geoscape Property.

Through the combination of Cadastre, Property and G-NAF, customers gain a three-way national address and vector land parcel and property data perspective.

We seek customised G-NAF that readily integrates into our systems.

We offer numerous value-added editions of G-NAF that include attributes from third party datasets.

By licensing from us, you also tap into our vast G-NAF experience to further benefit your business.

We are after regularly updated official Postcode Boundaries.

Callpoint Spatial licenses the Geoscape Postcode Boundaries dataset.

There can be multiple changes even each quarter, so our service includes quarterly updates.

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