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Real estate

Callpoint Spatial has been assisting customers in the real estate industry since 2009. We offer resources to help solve the following problems

The following are examples of problems faced by our real estate customers and the solutions Callpoint Spatial can offer.

Your needs

How we can help

We have analysis models that would benefit from a ‘type of street’ flag for each address.


Open G-NAF does not include such a flag – are there any options?

Geoscape Roads dataset includes the highly useful Transport Hierarchy Code.

For instance, 301 represents a national highway, 302 an arterial road etc.

Callpoint spatial offers value-added G-NAF versions that include the Transport Hierarchy Code as an additional attribution column.

We have a vast repository of property listing data.


We intend to represent that within a web based mapping platform and seek authoritative cadastral data.

Callpoint Spatial can license Geoscape Cadastre & Property, or one of Callpoint’s value-added editions

We receive raw addresses on a regular basis.


To assist our reference against G-NAF, can Callpoint Spatial attach a G-NAF PID to these raw addresses?

Callpoint Spatial offers our sophisticated Geocoder that returns numerous attribution columns including the G-NAF PID.

Our geocoder can be accessed via web services API to facilitate your automation requirements.

Can you include a residential address indicator for G-NAF?

Open G-NAF does not include a residential/non-residential flag.

To meet the need, Callpoint Spatial offers these two options with different characteristics and licensing terms:


1. Geoscape Buildings dataset, which includes an ‘Is Residential’ attribute in a separate table.


2. As an Aus Post reseller, we can license the PAF Residential address indicator for your internal business use.

Our production system joins Geoscape G-NAF with the PAF residential indicator to ease this process for you.

We are seeking a nationally consistent set of zoning data.

Geoscape Buildings dataset includes zoning attribution for each record.


Geoscape license terms apply in the case of Geoscape data. Australia Post license terms apply in the case of the PAF based data.

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