Street Frontages Dataset

The Street Frontages product comprises two datasets. 

The first dataset is a layer of polyline features. Each polyline represents a portion of a Geoscape Cadastre polygon that is adjacent to a road polygon.

 The second dataset is a text file that has cadastre Legal Parcel IDs and the total street frontage length for each parcel.

Sample extract:



Red - Street vector polylines

Blue - Callpoint street labels

Dark grey - Street frontages in meters

Green - Property parcels

Street frontages and road polylines overlayed on Geoscape Cadastre

Location: Wingfield SA 5013

Applications for Street Frontages include:

Identifying land parcels whose street frontage is of a certain width

Identifying properties that have dual frontages

Determining the extent to which houses in a given area have frontages that meet compliance requirements

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