National Street Intersection Dataset

This dataset (also known as the Street Junction data, Cross-Street dataset, Intersecting Street or Street Corner dataset) is a comprehensive dataset of street intersections for each State across Australia.  Callpoint Spatial has been generating this dataset quarterly since 2009.

The dataset can be used for instance to find all the intersections of a particular street in a given locality.

Callpoint custom gis spatial anlaysis

Above: results table from a query for King Street Sydney NSW

Callpoint custom gis spatial anlaysis - interesections

Above: spatial representation of the King Street street intersection data extract

Extracting 4-way and T intersections

Callpoint’s Street Intersections dataset can also be queried to identify n-way intersections.  This can find application in traffic management and logistics.

Above: spatial representation of regular 4-way and T intersections in Brisbane, each layer with different symbology