Geoscape G-NAF (Geocoded National Address File) is Australia’s authoritative geocoded address dataset.


Callpoint Spatial package G-NAF in various forms and can also include attribution from Geoscape and other datasets to meet your overall needs. 

Enriched Attribution

Examples of attribution options in Callpoint Spatial’s value-added editions are listed below.  These can improve your productivity and save costs.

These columns are not available in open G-NAF as specific supplier licensing is required.

Hierarchy (Roads)

This attribute categorises road centrelines.  Examples include National Highway, Arterial Road, Local Road. 


Callpoint can attach this attribute to G-NAF, thereby providing users the road category against each address.

Hierarchy is sourced from the Geoscape Roads dataset.

Has Residential

This tag is set to “Y” if the GNAF record is determined to be residential.

The Has Residential data is sourced from Geoscape Buildings.

Residential/ Non-Residential

This column pair reflects Australia Post’s assessment as to whether an address is deemed Residential or Non-Residential.

The data is sourced from the Postal Address File (PAF).


This column provides the Australia Post PAF Delivery Point Identifier (DPID).

The data is sourced from the Postal Address File (PAF).

Mail delivery indicator / Non-delivery code

The first column indicates whether, according to Australia Post, the address receives physical mail.

The second column provides the reason why mail is not physically delivered to the address. For instance, NYB means ‘Not yet built’.

Why choose  Callpoint Spatial for G-NAF?

Our lengthy and in-depth G-NAF experience:

We engaged with Geoscape Australia during the first IPND address accuracy audit that we conducted for ACMA in 2003.

We recommended that G-NAF be used as the address reference dictionary for future audits; this recommendation was adopted.

We pioneered the use of G-NAF in our Local Government Area (LGA) Broadband Analysis reports that started in 2004.

We won the Metropolitan Broadband Blackspot Program (MBBP 2005) geospatial consultancy tender and extensively used G-NAF for that project.

We transitioned our address validation/geocoding engine to G-NAF during 2004, and this has since been extensively refined.


The engine is embedded within Callpoint Spatial’s Geocoder and Callpoint AQ Pro®.

Through G-NAF, we have helped more than 40 Australian telcos with their spatial needs.

One stop: we license the full Geoscape dataset suite

This means you can meet your complete Geoscape dataset needs by sourcing from us

Our advisory capacity

Extensive customisation options

Inclusion of Geoscape delivered technical support and warranties

File format options

We supply a broad range of options that include:

Text file

Shapefile / Geodatabase


Microsoft SQL Server database backup

MySQL Server database backup

For further details including licensing please contact us.